Snow Princess

Fairy and Fairy God-Mother

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Bible School Fun

Book us for balloon twisting, face painting or pony rides!  We can bring up to 3 beautiful ponies for you.

We have more princess outfits to post.  Please call for information.  Please don't email or text.  You                        must call on the phone.  865 977-5870                  Last minute events call cell after leaving message at our office.  C 865 556-2336  

Barbie party


Blue Princess Party 

This precious little guy was hard to slow down long enough to paint!  He has a flying dinosaur and a fire breathing dinosaur.

Prince and Princess 

Our balloon twisting is great with each child getting a dif. balloon.  We usually make balloons like it's a show with us telling jokes and giving clues for kids to guess what we are making.  We are entertaining while doing these skills.

We love to do very elaborate face painting and balloon animals at our parties when time allows.  It takes much longer per child to do full covered faces like above.  We usually end up doing quicker designs like pictured Left & Right. We do use glitter.  We take our pictures before glitter for clarity.

Bride & Groom dressed ponies or unicorns can decorate your outside wedding.  Kids can ride at the reception.

Call us for pricing & pictures.

Prince and blue princess

​You may hire Just the prince or both of them.  This was an outside party and she does not wear her wigs in the Summer heat.  This dress is reserved for inside parties as well.

This party is for inside parties only.  Both dresses have trains and are not for walking in yards etc.

The magic done at princess parties is dif. magic than we do at our full 30-45 min show or our clown party shows.  It's princess magic.

If you have an outside party and it's 90 degrees in the shade, we may not be wearing our wig.

Balloon twisting, full face face painting and magic shows are available .

Book 1, 2, or all 3 of them for your party.  Check out her awesome snow princess shoes!

This is the finale of her PRINCESS MAGIC SHOW.  Parents, please don't tell about the animals.  What magic we do is a secret.  Don't spoil the fun.