Research shows children that had jobs around the home as they grew up are the top successful and happiest adults.  Teach responsibility.  Even a 2 year old can sort silverware.  Big spoons, small spoons. . .  Praise them.  The younger they are the quicker they move on from 1 activity to the next.

At 2 start with only spoons. They have to earn their way up to sorting forks LOL.  That is a goal.  "Wow, you did those spoons fast!  If they start to get bored sort the spoons with them.  After all you were going to have to do it anyway.  You want to build the feeling of your child feeling good about being good at something, being important and helpful.

Fold washcloths, let them mix food as you cook, match up socks.  As far as picking up toys they have to be taught that also.  It seems simple to us.  If they don't pick up toys use your hand around theirs to pick something up and walk it over to put away.  "OK We will do it together."  Engage your kids in the things you do around the house.  They are being trained to take care of their own home someday.  Add harder chores as they get older and you don't have to help as much.  But choose to spend time together even when you don't have to. Make it fun or even funny. Be a team.

With older kids, if they have a bad attitude about doing a chore help them.  Make a joke about the sloppy job they are doing but then bring in the truth.  "Oh brother I didn't know you needed glasses.  Oh no we need to take you to the hospital because you can't walk."  LOL  "OK, hey you wanted all these Legos. I'll race you!  Lets do it right."

Daisy's   3 R's

Rules without relationship

cause resentment!

Daisy's Parenting Tips

Caregivers, make it a habit to make contact with each member of your family when you get home no matter how tired you are.  Give a hug.  A hug is worth a hundred words.  If it's unusual for you to do this, just say, "Well it's something I want to start doing."  When you leave, say good-by to each person.  Hug again!  


If you weren't taught them, then look them up and give them a place in your life.  There are some new ones that go along with technology.  They are a good place to start for house rules.

I hope my comments help.  I have always been gifted with children. 

I'm not a doctor.  So use your own judgement  if you give my ideas a try.  Example; TAKE THE SHARP KNIVES OUT OF THE SILVERWARE DRAWER!  We store knives alone.