Our magic is funny, educational, and amazing for children and adults.  We love to do gospel magic as well as Bible School and church events.

Daycare or elementary school visits with characters or pony rides

 Texas Prancer

This is our newest addition to our pony parties.  He is beautiful, sweet, calm and loves to be ridden.

It's HOT now.  You must provide shade for us.  Daisy the Clown must be booked inside. 

We love making your childs dreams come true.   

Bringing Fun To Everyone

For 26 Years Now!

We do pony parties all Winter long.  Face painting is done inside and children are sent out 1-2 at a time to ride and get pictures taken if it is very cold.  We did several parties this Winter and it warmed up and was nice weather for all of them.  Our white ponies and Rainbow Unicorns are used in the warmer months.


Daisy The Clown & Entertainers

Parents, if we worked for you personally, please post on Facebook.  If we have not worked for you or you have not seen us perform or entertain don't rate us.  It's not a true evaluation.  Post good pictures of us with your children.  Make comments and rate us on Facebook.

We usually make a beautiful flower balloon bouquet as pictured.  Helium balloons only last 1 day but the flowers last 1-3 weeks and are so unique. 

Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Magic Shows and Pony Rides in Knoxville areas

Award  Winning Entertainers

Pony Rides

Unicorn Rides

Balloon Twisting

Face Painting

Magic Shows

​Gospel Magic

Glitter Tattoos

Airbrush Hair Painting

​Airbrush Tattoos

Balloon Deliveries

Theme Characters  

Customized ​Parties

Balloon Deliveries 

Call us.  We don't have everything we do listed on our web site.  We also do custom events,  characters or magic tricks etc.  

Office 865 977-5870  Cell 865 556-2336

Bible School Time Is Here

We can do a 30 minute magic show with gospel messages


Balloons & Face Painting at your sign-up party or graduation party!!

We have a wonderful, large variety of Christian F.P. designs besides the usual popular ones.



Rainbow Pony Party

​    Comes with face painting

Corporate Events

We have a whole team of characters for very large events.  We had 9 doing balloons and face painting at this event.

​Grand Openings Employee Picnics, Christmas Parties

Tacky Biker Chick or Clown Character

Remember, Most of the time you are hiring a stranger. Someone to come into your home. Do you want to text to hire someone for your most precious possession.  Your child!  This is important and you can trust and rely on us!! Our whole lives revolve around coming up with the latest face paint designs and cool balloons or a new magic trick.

People usually hire us several times for different party themes and events. We are so good we usually get tips$.

Cool Stuff


CLUSTERS for our face painting.  These are the latest great thing in face painting.  Only patient, crafty face painters offer these because they are very hard to make well.   We pre-make these and have them for sale as an add on to our regular parties.  Kids collect them from party to party where they see us. Let us know if you want this added to your face paint party.  Prices go from 1.00 to 5.00 per cluster.  ​(per child)  We can make clusters that are your party theme. 

Pony & unicorn parties come with face painting!

Hire a true professional.   These days anyone can build a nice web site and dress up and call themselves a face painter or balloon twister an charge less than a skilled, true professional  We entertain while we do these skills.  We do lots of extra things at your party to make it great.  We know how to cope with many situations that come up unexpectedly.  Skills that take years to develop. 

Daisy's Clowns & Entertainers   

We did not learn balloon twisting or face painting from Youtube. The pictures you see are OUR own quick faces we painted at parties.  I don't even have to concentrate on what I am making so I can be talking with the kids and end up with an amazing balloon.  We can twist at least 50 different balloon animals quickly while entertaining your guests.  Some of us are award winners in this field.  All of us are great and fun pros.